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Coloured Gemstone

If you have a more unique sense of style and are looking for something a bit different to the usual diamond engagement ring, a coloured gemstone is truly a stunning choice. These beauties come in various different colours and shades and can be used either as the central gemstone or on the sides of the ring to complement the central diamond.


Three Gemstones

This option carries with it the beautiful symbolism of your growing relationship, with the three gemstones usually symbolising the past, present and future of your life together.



For those of us who love a traditional style, a vintage ring is the ideal choice. These gorgeous creations offer a modern twist on classic options.



A modern classic, a halo ring is one that includes a centre diamond or gemstone surrounded by many smaller gemstones that work to bring out its sparkly and truly make it pop.



Simple, elegant and effortlessly beautiful, a solitaire engagement ring is exactly what it sounds like – a solitary diamond or gemstone that speaks for itself.

Get Down on One Knee with Melbourne’s Most Gorgeous Engagement Rings 

Here at Solitaire Jewellery, we take pride in creating the best of the best for all of our customers. Our pieces inspire awe and adoration, making them the perfect way to ask someone to marry you.

Take a look at our extensive range of engagement options today to discover the difference in our one of a kind designs. 

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