Shh! How to pick an engagement ring without her knowing

So, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and propose: Congratulations! As if there wasn’t enough pressure from her family and yours to take that first step, now you have to buy an engagement ring without her knowing about it. Anything less than perfect won’t be acceptable – after all, she’s going to want to shout her newly engaged status from the rooftops (so you’d better have her dream ring to match so she can show it off!) Get ready to put on your detective hat: here’s a few ways to pick an engagement ring without arousing suspicion from her.

How to buy an engagement ring she’ll love

Stalk her socials

Most girls have thought about their dream wedding since they were five, and if your special lady uses social media apps like Pinterest, you might discover that she has an entire board of engagement rings pinned on there for inspiration. Look for common factors, such as cut and size, to give you some insight into her engagement ring aesthetic.

Pro tip: Go on her Instagram account and see if she follows any jewellery brands. If so, see what images she’s double-tapped or commented on.

Recruit her family and friends

Another crowd favourite method, and for good reason! She’s probably mentioned to her bestie, sister or mum at some point during conversation about what ring design she likes. She might have even pointed one out while they’ve window-shopped after brunch. However, before you ask her family or best friend, ensure they are subtle, discreet, and can keep a secret. You don’t want them spoiling the surprise.

Pro tip: We’ve even seen some champion besties – recruited by the boyfriend looking to propose – visit a jewellery store with his girlfriend, saying she wants to look and try some rings on for herself, but subtly encourage the girlfriend to try some rings on too. After a successful trip, they may have a few photos to send to you. Absolute winner!

Look at all the not-so-subtle clues

We’re assuming that if you’ve got your mind set on proposing, at this point you know her pretty well. So, observe her sense of style: does she wear big and bold jewellery and clothes? Or is she more modest and down-to-earth? Is her place full of minimalistic furniture and décor? Or does she love markets and antique pieces that don’t really match? These different parts of her life give you hints about the type of style she likes, which can translate into the engagement ring style she might want—whether it’s big and blingy, classic and simple, or vintage Art Deco-inspired.

Pro tip: Raid her jewellery box and take note of the ring designs she has there. If you see a common theme, that’s her style.

One last thing… the size of the ring

Even if she wears a well-fitted ring on her fourth finger, good luck trying to find out her size without arousing suspicion from her (hint: it’s impossible.) Your best-case scenario is sneaking it out of the jewellery box when she’s not wearing it and get it sized at the jewellers.

If all else fails, we recommend finding a jeweller who will be happy to exchange the ring for another one that’s more to her taste, or even better: find a manufacturing jeweller who is able to make her dream ring if there’s nothing in-store that catches her eye! (Sure, you’ll have to tell her you’re thinking of proposing, but she won’t know when.)

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