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Diamond Ring Shapes

How to Choose a Diamond Shape for Your Engagement Ring

No pressure, but you’re going to be together for life. So, it’s important that you’re 100% committed. You can’t jump into a big decision like this without really thinking it through. Are you ready to make the choice?

Naturally, we’re talking about your engagement ring. Whether it’s on the cards or you’re recently engaged and going ring shopping together, you may be feeling overwhelmed with all the choices. Emerald cut or cushion cut? Should you keep it traditional with a round brilliant or stand out with a pear shaped diamond? Thankfully, Solitaire Jewellery is here to help you make the right decision. With a huge engagement collection and over 30 years of experience in the industry, we’re well equipped to explain the different diamond ring shapes to you.

Pear shaped engagement rings

A pear cut diamond, also known as a teardrop, is a blend of the marquise and an oval cut. With one rounded end and a point on the other, its signature shape is instantly recognisable. This style is popular because it is said to elongate the finger.

Round cut diamond engagement rings

Arguably the most iconic and classic of all shapes, a round cut diamond ring will always be in style. With its 56 facets, each turn of the hand manages to capture the light. For brides after a traditional look, the round cut diamond is the way to go.

Oval cut diamond engagement rings

An oval cut diamond ring is ideal for any woman who is looking for a slightly updated alteration to the round cut. With beautifully rounded edges that flatter any finger and 10/10 for durability, an oval cut diamond sparkles and shines exactly as you’d like it.

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings

Unique and unusual, an emerald cut diamond ring is excellent value for money and appears larger than round cut diamonds of the same carat weight. Due to its rectangular length and step cut, it elongates the finger and looks every bit impressive.

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings

A cushion cut diamond ring is perfect for the traditionalist who doesn’t necessarily want a round cut. With its soft edges and square silhouette, a cushion cut is also designed with the most fire for those that want to stand out.

Find your perfect match at Solitaire Jewellery

We are proud to provide a large collection of handcrafted engagement rings and bridal rings in a range of different cuts. With the option to choose your metal band from yellow gold, white gold, platinum or rose gold, you can truly create your very own unique piece to treasure forever. Boasting elegance, sophistication and effortless beauty, our range of designs are defined by their flawless craftsmanship and beautiful attention to detail.

Book your free consultation today with our jewellers at our Narre Warren jewellery store or Fountain Gate jewellery store. We also have a boutique in Cranbourne and Dandenong if it’s more convenient. We look forward to sitting with you to discuss your requirements and to view our diamonds up close and personal.


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