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Turn Your Unused Jewellery into Something Beautiful

Most of us have old, unworn jewellery laying in a box somewhere gathering dust, so why not put it to good use once again? With Solitaire Jewellery’s remodelling service, we give you the opportunity to fall in love with that necklace, ring or other item that you just never seem to wear.

Why choose our professional remodelling solutions?

When you come to Solitaire to remodel your unused or unwanted jewellery, you receive a truly remarkable quality of service unparalleled anywhere else. The process begins with a consultation at one of our Melbourne stores with one of our design professionals. This appointment allows them to discover what you like and dislike about your current jewellery along with any visions or ideas you may have about the redesign. Then, once we have found something you love, we will begin the process of repurposing your current piece into something you will treasure.

The benefits of this process are plenty. Not only is it a great way to give new life to old and unused items sitting in your jewellery box, but it’s often a far more affordable option when compared to buying pieces new. Remodelling is also a terrific way to preserve the special meaning of items that are outdated or not your personal style, such as inherited heirlooms or treasured childhood pieces. With some careful planning, you can keep the sentimentality while changing the appearance into something you can wear for years.

A range of quality services and products

Along with our remodelling solutions, Solitaire are proud to offer a selection of professional solutions for your needs. These include pearl rethreading, polish cleaning, valuations and repairs, ensuring that your favourite pieces are always in top shape. We also stock a large variety of men’s and women’s items across a range of collections, including engagement rings and handmade designs.

Visit one of our stores or browse our website today to discover why we are the jeweller of choice for so many people throughout Melbourne.


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