Solitaire Jewellery has a long legacy of creating high-quality gold and platinum pieces that showcase exquisite natural diamonds for life’s most special occasions.

2024 brings us a new technological phenomenon: the lab-grown diamond. These stunning gemstones are popular, in high demand, and a fine choice for wedding jewellery and engagement rings.

At Solitaire, we are creating a stunning new collection of jewellery and engagement rings with a combination of lab-grown and natural diamonds. For an engagement ring, you can choose a natural centre diamond or a lab-grown diamond with the signature touch of our hand-selected natural diamonds.

This unique blend of nature’s sparkle and man-made marvel brings tradition and modern values together to create a piece that reflects you and your life story without compromising on its maker’s esteem, expertise or reputation.

With our jewellery, you’re not just buying a piece for a special occasion; you’re investing in a timeless treasure. Our pieces, crafted with the utmost care and precision, will stand the test of time, reflecting what’s most important to you with every sparkle and shimmer.

Uniquely you, iconically Solitaire.

Love. Always.